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Living Bold


Getting Over Myself

It’s so true that we teach what we need to learn. These past weeks, I’ve been relearning to confront fear and resistance. In essence, I’m learning again to be Bold!

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The Joy of Childish Things

What did you most love to do as a child?

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Be Your Own Best Friend

As we head into 2017, with loads of dreams and schemes, it’s worth remembering that deep change comes with fishhooks, that the path to reinvention is rarely straightforward.

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Same Season, Different Outcome

What is the Boldest thing you can do this coming week of the festive season?

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Thinking For Yourself

Asking and answering deeper questions for ourselves, is the best thinking we can do for a Bold Life.

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A Bold Resolution

Christmas is in the shops, signalling the end of yet another year. If your heart lurches at the thought, then it could be joy for a special holiday, or dread of the manic lead-up weeks, or perhaps it's anticipatory indigestion from over-indulgence.

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Who Do You Believe?

This is not fake news. Although it could be, there's a whole lot of snake oil out there, just waiting for you, with false information and false promises.
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For the past twelve months, I’ve signed my travel blog, Go Boldly! It’s easy to be Bold on the road, with new faces and places every day. 

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The Last Word from the Road

Tonight, 14th November, is the Loy Krathong festival.

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For the Love of a Monarch

Ah’, she beamed, ‘you loved my King too!’

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