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Living Bold


Getting Over Myself

It’s so true that we teach what we need to learn. These past weeks, I’ve been relearning to confront fear and resistance. In essence, I’m learning again to be Bold!

Last year’s travel adventures provided wonderful inspiration for writing, such a rich space to view the world and make meaning of the ordinary. An endless seam of observation. I loved writing about what I saw, and from your comments, you enjoyed it too.

And now I’m home. Happily so, settling into new family dynamics, reconnecting with friends and my community. Moving into the magical work of helping women to make the most of the second half of their life, to live BOLD! lives they are proud of. 

Yet with the book written and published, it feels like the well has dried up. Looking for inspiration, I’m suddenly uncertain what to write about. The result is that I don’t put pen to paper, and in saying nothing, I find I have nothing to say. I become fearful of not knowing anything, of being found to be an imposter with nothing useful to add.

Do you ever feel like that? Worried that you’ll be found out? Exposed?

The irony of helping women to be Bold, when I’m struggling myself, is not lost. Yet that’s what makes it real, and this week it’s time, again, to practice what I teach. Because being Bold is not something you learn once or do once and then have down for the rest of your days. It’s the constant practice of facing the shimmering mirage of fear and acting anyway.

When that place takes hold, questions can help us to hear ourselves again. With compassion for the one who needs reminding rather than rescuing, and comfort rather than criticism.

So, breathing deep, we ask…

What good do I know about myself?

How does that show up in my life?

What am I avoiding right now?

What am I making that mean? 

Is that meaning helpful?

What would be more helpful?

If I was Bold! what would I do?

What’s the first step?

And then?

And then I’m free again - for the moment anyway. Because I know that the greatest antidote to fear is action. The right kind of action that builds courage one word at a time. The kind of action that reaches out to others and asks, ‘You too?, I thought it was just me.’

Now I’m asking you. What are your challenges in being Bold? When do you need to ask yourself questions, and what do you say? I’d really like to hear, because our stories are each other’s and we grow by learning from each other. 

Write me, and share your Bold! wisdom.

Go Boldly!


My new book 'A Bold Life: How Boomer Women are Reinventing Life Beyond Fifty' is due for release on 28th February 2017. If you’d like to be one of the first to read the book, email for details.