Jenny Magee

Living Bold


With A Flick In Your Tail

Over recent months, I’ve heard many stories of women feeling rudderless, uncertain about the future.

Sitting with a woman who was newly retired from teaching, I asked about her plans. “I’ve no idea,” she said, “teaching was my work and my life. There was nothing else. I’ve been dreading this time for years and now it’s here, and I’m just treading water until something comes along.” And with that, she asked me what I thought she should do.  

When I declined to offer suggestions, she said, “Well, that’s very frustrating.” So I asked if she really wanted to be told what to do, and she replied, “Not really, but everyone else has an opinion, so I thought I may as well ask you.”  

She has waited for so long, perhaps too long, to really look at where she is heading. And now, with limited resources and no real interests, beyond the teaching work she left, she is fading into insignificance. It’s not for lack of ability to plan, rather a diminishing belief that she has more to offer the world. At retirement she’s heading quietly down the slope to the end, waiting on others to tell her what to do, and too afraid to decide for herself.

She’s in stark contrast to those who say the best is just beginning and head into the next decades with a flick in their tail.  

They bring to mind a quote from Jim Rohn. 'If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.' 

So, what's your plan?  

Go Boldly!