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Entries for January 2016

Just Add Water?

The Nam Ngung lake, in central Laos, used to be mountains, valleys and villages. It still is, but the mountains and valleys are now 40 years under water and the villages have moved to the dry edges.
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Please Mind the Platform Gap

Every time a train pulls into a station on the Singapore underground, a recorded voice calls out 'please mind the platform gap'.
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Mother Tongue Interference

When we learn another language, the sounds and structure of our mother tongue, or first language, get in the way of fluency in the new language.
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Sau's Soup

When everything on offer is complicated by the number of choices, choosing what to eat can be overwhelming.

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Fresh Eyes

Over the past two weeks, I have trod these same Vietnamese streets every day.  And despite the closest scrutiny, I find something new each time I pass through. 

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