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Entries for October 2016

Writing for Readers

The Ubud Writers and Readers Festival is on this week. Writers from all around the world are sharing their stories, their passions and their strategies for writing.

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Greater Expectations

A broken tooth forced me to make a trip to the dentist in Ubud, Bali.

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Mind Sweepers

Every morning, outside my tropical Bali window, gardeners sweep up leaves that the trees have dropped overnight.

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Gadogado to Go

In Yogyakarta, a street vendor makes gadogado, that wonderful peanutty, Indonesian salad, from her cart on the corner of my alleyway.

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Local Knowledge

The taxi driver knows every shortcut and every side street between the airport and my guesthouse, in this busy Indonesian city.
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Hermetically Sealed?

For much of the past two weeks, I’ve been tucked away in my upstairs room, writing to deadline. 

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This week, over dinner with a fellow traveller, the conversation turned to kids - the human variety, that is, and the impact of easy Google answers on curiosity and initiative.

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What’s It Worth?

The most exquisite pashmina shawls are embroidered by Kashmiri men, using single strand, silk thread on double woven, wool fabric.

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