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Entries for March 2016

Ducks in a Row

All lined up, the brood of nine waddled purposefully over the narrow country lane behind Mother Duck.
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Pinch-me moments

Arriving in England this week was another pinch-me moment.
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Growing Up a Bit More

A friend recently completed a three day solo hike through challenging country, supported by a stout stick and limited phone coverage.

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Stuck in Happiness

I’m so happy, I could stay here in Thailand for ever! But my ticket is booked and I have to leave.’

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Making a Habit of Habits

On the road, every habit is challenged by the constantly changing environment.
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A Little Bit of Help

The fan in my hotel room gets stuck and in 37° that really matters. 

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Just Like Riding a Bike

One of the best sights this week has been watching boomer travellers (like me) remember how to ride a bicycle.

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You Wouldn't Like That

The menu at Khmer Kitchen was written in both Cambodian and English, with explanations of how the unfamiliar fish and vegetables were prepared.

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I've Got This

Solo travelling is exciting, daunting and deeply satisfying.

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