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Entries for April 2016

Going Against the Flow

The Avon river runs clear, shallow and swift through Salisbury.

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A Different Way of Seeing

On the path around Stonehenge this week, I followed a group of older visitors.
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A Legacy of Joy

In the Bath Botanical Gardens, a woman lifted her young daughter to explore a flowering magnolia. Consciously or not, she’s creating a legacy. 

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Taking Down the Stormboards

At Hele Bay, on the Devon coast, a sign today reads, 'We apologise for any inconvenience, but the stormboards are up for the expected high tides.'

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Back in the Driver's Seat

Getting into the driver's seat of a rental car after four months travelling has been an interesting experience.
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The Power of Appreciation

I'm driving the Cornwall coast, marvelling at views, castles and fishing villages and navigating country roads that go from almost one lane to almost two lanes wide. 
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The Beauty in Contrast

On the high seacliffs of southern England, brown sandstone towers starkly beside white chalk.
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