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Entries for June 2016

Conscious Travel

As you might expect, Boston heaves with people in the summer.

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The Kindness of Strangers

Boston harbour has 34 islands and seeing them from a ferry under clear, blue skies is a wonderful way to spend a morning. 

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Doing It The Hard Way

On my last evening in England, dinner was at a small cafe in the High Street.

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Making Excuses

Staying in accommodation through Airbnb has been one of the best decisions of my travels.

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Peopled Out

Quiet spaces aren’t a gift, they are a necessity.

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Serendipity Rules

The road less travelled doesn't have to take you around the world.

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In Principle

Hidcote is a magnificent garden in the English Cotswolds.

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Checking the Fine Print

We all know that we see what we expect to see.

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