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Entries for July 2016

Avoiding the Echo Chamber

Thinking space is both sacred and essential, encouraging new ideas and insights.

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A Promise is Worth 500 Words

Writers often talk about a block, when no words come, despite hours of angst. In fact the more angst, the fewer words.

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Changing the Mirror

A friend has just bought a new house. Perfect in every sense, apparently – apart from the full length mirror in the bathroom.

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Keeping an Open Heart

Travelling in north America, it’s almost impossible to avoid the media coverage of recent terrorist events both national and international.

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Growing a New Skin

Gina’s family has a summer cabin, on a lake some six hours drive northwest of Montreal.

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A Lucky Traveller

For the past seven months I’ve described myself as a lucky traveller. Wherever I’ve gone, things have worked out.

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Of Cats and Cups of Tea

I’ve discovered that travellers need retreats too, although not necessarily of the high mountain yogi variety.

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Connections that Matter

This week, in Montreal, I shared dinner with a wonderful group of baby boomers who lead positive, active and fulfilling lives, punctuated, at times, by sadness and frustration. Just like most of us, if we've been lucky.

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