Jenny Magee

who is Jenny?


Jenny Magee lives Bold!

The author of A Bold Life: How Boomer Women Are Reinventing Their Lives Beyond Fifty, she is the inspiration for women who want to do exactly that.

A decade of turmoil in her fifties brought divorce, the death of both her parents, stress-related health challenges, and the start and end of significant personal and business relationships. At that point, Jenny decided that going quietly into the second half of her life was not an option. She re-launched her career, took a year out to go solo travelling and explore how others have dealt with similar situations. 

Taking the lessons of that decade, Jenny has distilled them into mentoring programmes, workshops and keynote speeches that are full of wry humour and practical wisdom. She says it’s easy to take ourselves too seriously, when actually none of us is getting out of this alive!

She has listened to women sandwiched between kids and careers and aging parents, wondering if there will ever be time for themselves. 

She has heard women with outwardly 'perfect' lives, who are stifled and stuck, and settling for the notion that this is as good as it will ever get.

She has witnessed women sliding into declining health, or a growing dissatisfaction with their relationships or work, fearing that this is just their lot.

And she has stood with women, deep in the chaos of life's ‘Oh @#%&!’ moments, from a health scare, or when their job goes, or someone leaves or dies, questioning how life can ever be normal again.

Jenny is full of admiration for women who are choosing to think for themselves and find their voices, so that they can do their own thing, not just the right thing. 

A Bold life is a bigger life, one that will take you beyond settling or regrets. When you are ready to explore what a Bold Life looks like for you, and to figure out your path to get there, take a deep breath and call. 

It's time to Live Bold! Jenny knows how.