Jenny Magee

what do people say about her?


Jenny really is a Bold Boomer. She walks her talk and isn't afraid to try new things. She's living her life, her way, and helps others to do the same. But she also understands how hard that can be and helped me take small steps that will, hopefully lead to bigger ones! - Grace 

Jenny moved me from indecision to a Bold step! Having turned 60 and reduced my workload, I realised that could settle for my pleasant life or start a new career in an area I’d been passionate about for years. While the learning excited me, I worried it would be a waste of money. A simple ‘What’s stopping you?’ from Jenny became a catalyst for change. 18 months later, my study is complete and I’m free to focus on how much I love what I am doing! - Raewyn

When my marriage ended, I thought my world had ended too. After all, I'm almost 60. It turns out that I have a whole new and wonderful world ahead. Thanks for helping me to see that. - Annie

I've been so busy with life that I hadn't made time to figure out what to do when I retire. I guess I'd been avoiding thinking about it. Now I have a sense of what's possible and how I really want to spend the next 20 years! - John

Choosing Bold is a priceless investment in yourself. I've worked with lots of great coaches and Jenny is one of the best. She cut through my BS to get to the core of the matter, and moved me from stuck to action. - Donna

Jenny doesn’t give you the answers, she expertly helps you untangle your blocks so that you find your own solutions. To put it in one word, she’s exceptional. - Jane

If you are ready to make a change but can't or haven't yet figured out what it is, then do the Choosing Bold programme. Jenny provides support that you just don't get elsewhere. - Karyn

The Choosing Bold programme has untangled a big knot in me. The group sessions quickly built amazing trust between strangers and 1-1 coaching helped me see so much more clearly. - Silvia